How to Know if She’s In to You

You see an attractive young lady at the other end of the bar, or at the gym, or walking down the street… This is Los Angeles, so you can find beautiful women everywhere. Meeting someone is pretty easy. It’s much more difficult to figure out how to know if she’s into you. These four tips, however, can help you tell whether she likes you or not.

She Plays With Her Hair

If you notice a woman playing with her in your company, then there is a good way to know how to know if she’s into you. For some women, playing with their hair is a sign of nervousness. She’s nervous because she’s uncertain about whether you like her in return. For other women, playing with hair is grooming habit. They unconsciously touch their hair because they’re trying to look more attractive to you.

There’s one exception to this rule. If you have a man bun, then she’s playing with her hair because she can’t believe how terrible your style looks. She’s probably trying to tell you that it’s time to update your look.

How to know if shes into you


She Touches Your Arm, Shoulder, Leg, Etc.

Non-verbal communication is key to how to know if she’s in to you. According to Jeremy Nicholson (the Attraction Doctor), some behaviors that indicate interest include:

  • Animated, broad gestures.
  • Fast, energetic movements and speech.
  • Forward-leaning body posture.

If a woman touches you frequently during a conversation, then you don’t need to second-guess yourself. She’s flirting in a way that makes her attraction as obvious as possible. Maybe she likes that you have a sculpted body, make her feel comfortable or tell great stories. Regardless of the reason, she wants to touch you… and she probably wants you to touch her back.

She Licks Her Lips

Relationship expert Susan Winter also says that non-verbal cues can express sexual interest. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many women show interest by licking their lips. It’s a sign that they’re waiting for a kiss. Depending on how she licks her lips, it could even suggest an interest in (let’s say) other activities.

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She Asks You a Lot of Questions

Not all women are straightforward enough to lick their lips suggestively when they’re into someone. If she asks you a lot of questions, though, it shows that she wants to learn more about you. Maybe she’s not certain that she wants to go out, yet, but she’s receptive to you.

You can get a sense of the type of interest she has by paying attention to her questions. If she sticks to questions about your physical appearance, such as your workout routine or your hairstyle, then she’s probably showing sexual interest. If she asks broader questions about your family, work and personal life, then she may think that you could make a good long-term partner.

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