Off-the-Radar LA Beaches in You Should Know About This Summer

Living in Los Angeles, sometimes it’s easy to forget that you can drive to a beach within minutes. Unless you live in a community along the shore, the la beach can seem like a distant destination. When you decide to go swimming, surfing or sunbathing, though, you often discover that hundreds of other people had the same idea.

LA beaches

Point Sal State Beach, Guadalupe

Head north along 101 for about three hours, and you’ll discover Point Sal State Beach in Guadalupe. Before you can enjoy the surf and sand, though, you’ll have to hike a fairly long trail. The effort that it takes to reach Point Sal State Beach prevents most people from bothering. If you’re willing to make the hike, though, you can enjoy solitude in a beautiful environment.

Crystal Cove State Park, Laguna Beach

Crystal Cove State Park in Laguna Beach is considerably closer to Los Angeles. The beach’s proximity to the city means that you’ll encounter more people. Still, it’s considerably less crowded than a place like Venice Beach.

Crystal Cove State Park covers 3.2 miles of beach and about 2,400 acres of offshore wilderness. It’s a beautiful place for hiking, relaxing on the beach and frolicking in the water. If your hair has started to thin in recent years, then you can use robotic hair restoration to keep hair loss at bay. With a head of thick hair, you won’t feel self-conscious when you emerge from Crystal Cove’s surf.

Ormond Beach, Oxnardla beaches

Ormond Beach is known for several things, but few people visit the two-mile stretch between Port Hueneme and Point Mugu’s naval base. It’s a wonderful spot to get away from the crowds. While you’re there, you can explore the Ormond Wetlands, go birding or catch some waves. Although quiet, it’s a surprisingly popular location for the area’s serious surfers.

Even though you won’t encounter large crowds at Ormond Beach, you want to look your best when you visit the area. Find a daily workout that helps you stay in shape. That way, you’ll always feel confident when you run into people at the beach. You can get more workout tips by following Tony Horton on Twitter. His Beach Body Program will get every part of your body in shape.

Surfrider Beach, Malibu

Surfing legend and California native Laird Hamilton lists Los Angeles as one of his top-10 favorite places to surf. He points to Surfrider Beach in Malibu as one of the best breaks in the world. He also says that Surfrider is one of the area’s most popular destinations for surfers.

While Surfrider LA Beach isn’t exactly off-the-radar, it’s relatively empty throughout most of the year. As long as you prepare for cold water temperatures, you can enjoy the waves without bashing into 100 other surfers vying for the same break. Men’s accessories like a wetsuit with a quick-dry lining will make your surfing adventure more comfortable.

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