The 3 Hair Care Sins Most Men Make (and How to Avoid Them)

If you’ve been caring for your hair but not seeing the results you want, you may be guilty of a few hair care sins. It’s not unusual for us to hear of or see guys who don’t have a clue that what they are doing (or not doing) is, in fact, the cause of their hair loss.

One of the top things guys do wrong is simply not prioritizing their hair health. But think of it the same way you do a relationship. The less attention you give your partner, the less he or she will want to take care of you, right? The same goes for your body, and your hair. Give it the best, and it gives back.

Take a look at the following three common sins below, and see how you can improve your hair routine today.

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Sin #1: Putting Product in Super Wet Hair

Don’t worry–this is one of the most common mistakes that men make. The reason it’s wrong to do is that the water will thin the product, rendering it less effective. To get more control of your hair, you should towel dry it after washing and before adding any product. And remember the shorter your hair, the less product you actually need.

Applying your product: Hair professionals often refer to coin sizes: apply a dime-size amount of pomade, a quarter-size for those with longer locks. NYC stylist Eva Scrivo, in her book Eva Scrivo on Beauty, says putting it all on top “can result in an oil slick in the front and not enough in the back.”

And how do you ensure that product gets where it needs to go? One way is to massage it into your scalp. This works well with gel or foam. To start off, warm up the product between your palms, and then apply it starting just above your nape, where the thicker hair lies. Work it upwards with more massaging motions. This simultaneously lifts your hair for a fuller look. Then, finish it off with hairspray.

If using a hairspray to set your style, best to spray the crown and roots, not weigh down your whole head with spray.

Sin #2: Doing Things That Contribute to Hair Loss

There’s no need to panic if you’re experiencing hair loss. Millions of men around the world are going through the same thing. Just make sure you’re not developing bad habits that contribute to hair loss. Can you tick any of the boxes below?

a) Leaving Your Hair to Grow Too Long

The reason you don’t want to let your hair grow too long is because the weight of long hair can stress the roots. And if you’re already experiencing bald or thinning patches, long hair will actually make the baldness even more obvious. If you like the length, talk to a hairstylist or Master Barber about how long you should safely grow your hair out.

b) Washing Your Hair Too Often

The natural structure of your hair can sometimes be ruined by too much shampoo or conditioner. It’s okay to leave it a couple of days before the next wash. And if you need to get some sticky product out, hot water can often do the job.

c) Eating an Unhealthy Diet

A balanced diet is just as important as your workout regimen. Besides helping to meet your fitness goals, eating right and getting enough minerals and vitamins through your food will boost your hair health, too. The important foods are those that pack a lot of vitamin B and iron. See if you can pick up some of the following on your next trip to the grocery


  • Salmon or sardines, for omega-3 fatty acids and healthy fats to keep your hair’s natural shine.
  • Spinach, to stock up on vitamin A, iron, beta carotene, folate, and vitamin C.
  • Greek yogurt, full of vitamin B5 for increased blood flow to your scalp, encouraging hair growth.
  • Guava, for incredible amounts of vitamin C.
  • Soybeans and lentils, for more iron.

Sin #3: Thinking a Master Barber Treatment Is the Same as a Normal Cut

You want to always be thinking about quality over quantity–not just for your hair, but with many things in life. That said, a $10 haircut down the street is not going to bring the same rewarding satisfaction as when you experience a full Master Barber Treatment.

For example, when you visit Barber Surgeons Guild’s salons, you don’t just plop down in the chair and say, “Give me whatever looks good.” We’ll take the time to do the hairstyle that’s right for you, walk you through the process, and give you the full unique BSG treatment. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • First, you get a consultation with a Master Barber. This is when we assess your style, the direction of hair growth, density of hair, etc.
  • We listen to your wishes and style direction and decide what look might look best on you. There may be a few options!
  • Next, we design an excellent haircut that will look great and last.
  • You’ll be treated to a hot towel soaked with a unique blend of essential oils.
  • You’ll also get to have a straight razor shave, with the world’s best oils and tinctures.

It’s All a Mindset

You can be sure that, after the full treatment, you’ll never think of a haircut the same way again! You’ll enjoy that rested, relaxed feeling, and probably will have learned a thing or two about hair care from your barber. He can tell you if you might need hair restoration shampoo, hair implants, or other helpful treatments.

And hey, if you find yourself committing the above hair sins, you’ll be forgiven. Just make sure to go and sin no more! And tell some of your buddies if they’ve been unknowingly sinning, too. (Share this post!)

Book a consultation anytime at BSG, or visit our Revista for more hair care tips and tricks!

Bonus Tip: Want more hairstyle inspiration? Check out pro hairstylist Mark Bustos on Instagram, #BeAwesomeToSomebody. You’ll find photos and anecdotes from his work on the streets of Southeast Asia and around the world.