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BSG hco1 Shampoo

4 Ways BSG HCO1 Shampoo is Helping Guys Attract the Ladies

4 Ways BSG HCO1 Shampoo is Helping Guys Attract the Ladies Commercials for shampoos and body washes consistently claim that their use will have women clamoring at your feet, but when it comes to BSG’s HCO1 Shampoo, this isn’t too far from the truth. In fact, the hydrating...

Hair Care Regimen

The Two Hair Products Every Man Needs

The Two Hair Products Every Man Needs If you were hanging with your buddies and watching the game, it’s unlikely that fashion sense, texture liniment, conditioners and pomades would be part of the conversation. Just because we’re not having those discussions, though, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t...

Hipster Hotel

Cool Hipster Hotels You Need to Check Out

There are over 50,000 hotels in America, but let’s be real, only a minority of them can be referred to as hipster. Of course, the hipster in you probably loves this fact. From the decor to live music offerings, each of these hotels offer something that makes...

Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelet-Rich Plasma: Does It Work?

Platelet-Rich Plasma: Does It Work? Explaining platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is more difficult than pronouncing it, so brace yourself, because there’s science in these waters. PRP is contained within our blood and can be separated from red and white blood cells. Many hair restoration professionals inject this "blood...

Stylish haircuts for men

5 Classic & Timelessly Stylish Hairstyles for Men

4 Classic & Timelessly Stylish Haircuts for Men When it comes to stylish haircuts for men, you have thousands of options to choose from. Hopefully, you’re not one of these “just make it shorter” guys. Your haircut is one of the most integral aspects of your...

Road Trip Songs

Best Road Trip Songs

Americans have an innate sense of adventure, and for many of us, this trait translates into extensive traveling. And while you could go the easy route and take a plane, what’s more American than hopping in the driver’s seat and setting off into the sunset? After...


Get Your Summer Bod with SculpSure!

The word SculpSure is a nightmare for spell check programs, but if you’ve come across this term while surfing the web, you're probably looking to shred some fat. After all, summertime means swimsuits, and you don’t want the ladies mistaking you for a beached manatee....

5 Lesser-Known Reasons Men Get Laser Hair Removal

5 Lesser-Known Reasons Men Get Laser Hair Removal

More men than ever are removing hair from spots other than their faces, and this leads many to seek out the best laser hair removal. Then again, maybe you’re snubbing your nose at these guys and thinking “My chest hair is manly and only pansies...

pico laser facial

How Laser Facials Are Moving Beyond the Damage Caused by Peels

If you’re wondering why laser facials and other skin care treatments are becoming so popular, you only need to look at the statistics. Over 70% of Americans think people look better with tans, and Mitten d’Amour created a poll that found men love it when women wear...