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What is Hair Serum and Why Do You Need It?

In the short list of products men believe they need to look great, hair serum might just be last on that list. After all, most of us went through our teen years with only shampoo and - on special occasions - conditioner to get the...

How a Laser Facial Can Change Your Life

How a Laser Facial Can Change Your Life Getting a laser facial offers some obvious benefits. By getting regular Pico laser facials, you can reduce the appearance of fine lines, sun spots, pigmentation changes, and wrinkles, improve your skin's elasticity, and give you an even complexion. A...


Everything You Needed to Know About Men’s Shampoo

There aren’t many guys who don’t enjoy a day of laying around the house and doing nothing. At some point, though, you’ve got to take a shower. We all have our own routines when doing this, but one of the few things that remains the...

HC01 Pomade

Wax or water-based hair pomade – what’s the difference?

Everything you ever needed to know about pomade It's a simple fact that none of us wake up looking our best in the morning. Plenty of work goes into the suave hairstyles and epic beards guys are sporting these days. For many men, though, it's what's...

hair restoration

Going Bald? 5 Ways to Start Growing Hair

In a perfect world, men would be able to start going bald with no repercussions. After watching Catwoman, though, we know this world is anything but perfect. It becomes harder to get jobs and – even worse – find romance. Fortunately, robotic hair restoration, pharmaceutical...

Thinning Hair

7 Ways to Help Your Thinning Hair

Most men notice some form of hair thinning by the time they turn 35. There are obviously lucky guys who keep their hair – you know, the ones you love to hate – but losing some hair as aging takes its toll isn’t unnatural. In...

Body Hair

Grooming Issues You Think People Don’t Notice

You’d be hard-pressed to find a rugged guy who admits to grooming himself. In the real world, though, it’s something that can't be avoided. Well, you could, but you’d likely be cozying up at night with just your hand for company. Unfortunately, brushing your teeth...

laser hair removal

Everything Men Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

Hearing television infomercials about laser hair removal likely takes you back to a previous time in life. Maybe it reminds you of just how badass you felt when you had to start shaving. Of course, that intrigue was gone within a few years when daily...