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Daily Workouts to Stay in Shape

If you think pumping iron is the best and only way to stay in shape, think again.  There are plenty of other ways to stay fit, that’ll save you the time and expense of going to the gym (so there’s no excuse!) From toning up...

4 Ways to Part Your Hair Like a Gentleman

While clothes can make the man, hair styles on the other hand, can certainly say a lot about you. Especially when it comes to parts. Scientists have even developed a theory, that hair parts can emphasize certain mental attributes. But, oftentimes, we choose our parts based...

5 Expert Tips on Hydrating for a Marathon

26.2 miles. It’s a number any long-distance runner knows all too-well. For a marathoner, it’s where they hit their stride. Nothing less will do! But, taking all those steps can take a toll on your body. With more than 98,000 runners expected for this year’s New...