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How to Keep a Regular Grooming and Hygiene Routine

When you were in college, you were still eating Ramen, doing No Shave November with your buddies, and washing your body with that gallon-tub of hand soap that you bought at the Dollar Tree. You were a student. You were broke. It was fine. But you’re in the adult world now. Consider getting your own barber or stylist to give you a pro cleanup.

Then nail down a morning routine, as well as a regular grooming and hygiene routine. Here are some tips on how to get started.


1. Make the Time

When your alarm blasts before it’s even light out and you’re due to hear your boss drone on at the Monday meeting two hours later, the last thing you want to do is fling off your duvet and somersault out of bed. But getting up early and having a schedule will help you feel focused. Figuring out that schedule is up to you; just make sure you stick to it. Eat a healthy breakfast, like yogurt or oatmeal with berriesHit the gym. Then reward yourself for exercising with a slow, relaxing shower or bath where you can freshen up before really kick-starting your day.


2. Pick the Product

Knowing how the male brain works, even a jaunt through your local CVS is enough to overwhelm the average guy. All these deodorants, body washes, soap bottles – they all look the same, right? Maybe, but keep it simple, stupid. Pick out a go-to shampoo, body wash, and face wash. They all do different things. Know them, love them, embrace them. Spend some money on a quality razor, and get lotion that you like, especially if you have sensitive skin and you bleed every time you draw the blade across your jaw and cheeks. On that note, make a signature hot towel straight razor shave from the pros at BSG one of your regular appointments so that you stay sharp all the time.


3. The Full Package


Now that you’ve got your wake-up-and-go plan set and your hygiene toolbox at your disposal, think about your whole look. Big-picture here, people. Are you trying to follow the newest hairstyle trends? Do you want to give off a clean-cut, Army-vibe? Beard or no beard? Man bun or no man bun? These are the questions in front of you, and once you answer them,

you might as well up your game with the grooming products you use.

Stop going on CVS runs. Consult the BSG blog or services page for tips on which high-quality hair products to buy. If this overwhelms you, too, you might start out with just two retail highlights – BSG-featured shampoo, and proper texture liniment. The shampoo moisturizes your scalp and also promotes hair growth. The BSG HCO1 Edition Texture Liniment, meanwhile, is a texturizing cream with a medium hold that can help amp up your style.